Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Improve Battery Life On A Smartphone [Part 1: Introduction]

The mobile industry has evolved a lot in this past decade, we started off with the introduction of pocket PC's by Microsoft which gave way for the smartphones we see and use today. The most recent analytics show that currently there are over 1 billion smartphone users in the world so that translates into 1 out of 7 people own a smartphone. The smartphone industry is going to grow even rapidly and analysts predict that there will be 2 billion smartphone users by the year 2015. But when you turn to the whole mobile phone industry (including feature phones, normal phones, and smartphones) it is also continuing to grow and now over 80% of the whole human race has a mobile phone. There are over 5 billion mobile phones in the world and about 1 billion of those device are smartphones. So 1 out of 5 mobile phone users are smartphone users. As the smartphone industry grows the devices are getting much more advanced and easier to use. The whole smartphone industry was rocked by the iPhone in 2007 and ever since then the growth rate has been higher than ever before. Study shows that the thing that people do the most on their smartphone is not texting or calling but surfing the we and playing games. Now this complies with the topic we are talking about today which is battery life on a smartphone. Although our phones are getting more and more advanced with higher data speeds achieved by 4G LTE connectivity to helps us do thing much faster. But we still can't hide the fact that the single most common problem which a smartphone user faces is the battery of the device is always draining. So in this three part article i will be talking about the problems affecting the battery life of smartphones and a few ways of solving the battery problem. Stay tuned for the article. 
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