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How To Improve Battery Life On A Smartphone [Part 2: What Are The Problems Causing This Issue]

In part 1 we did a brief explanation about the evolution of smartphones and we stated that most smartphone users are facing issues related to the battery life. As i mentioned in part one our smartphones are only going to be more powerful as time goes so those hardware will need to either be power efficient or the battery must be more bigger, either way the battery life on future devices must get better as the time goes by. So without further ado lets jump right into part 2 where we are going to talk about the problems causing the battery drainage. 
As you can see above, these are a few of my battery charts which i took off my android phone. If you look at the middle one the graph is up and down and the down has the same angle of steepness as the up. That translates into my battery drains as fast as charging of the device. To put things to perspective, i charge my phone using an Apple iPad 10w adapter opposed to the samsung travel adapter because the Samsung charger takes about 3-4 hours to charge from 15% to 100%. With the iPad charger it only takes about 2-3 hours. Ok, enough about my personal experience, now here are some responses i got from a few people i asked.

lasts for a few hours only, need a new battery ASAP.
Avinaash, Galaxy W

good battery life.
Aderen Lim, Galaxy Ace

i need to charge my phone at least 7 times a week. if i charge it the other night then tonight i must charge it again because the battery can use maximum of up to 24 hours and its depends on my usage. But overall the battery life is good.
Habil, Galaxy 5

It has the best battery life of any Galaxy phone, possibly any Android phone out of the box. People will be less concerned about having to manage their battery life, such as turning off their GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth radios when they are not being used. People may also find habits such as carrying second batteries, plugging yourself in at your friend's house, and charging at a coffee shop a thing of that past. With all that said, don't expect miracles. You can kill the battery in about 5-6 hours if you left on all the radios, turned up the brightness, and played a graphics intensive game from fulll charge to empty. That is still 2-3 times than what an average phone can handle. 
Michael, Galaxy Note II

when i first got my phone, i thought that the massive 2500mAh battery would make it last at least a day but i soon found out that the battery life is pretty poor. This is my first android phone so i started to look for some apps which help optimize the battery life of the phone. But not all of them work out, i also found out that some apps i installed drain a lot of battery. But after a few weeks using it i started optimizing the whole phone and change the way i use the phone until now where i can almost reach one day of heavy usage. So the problem is still on but i am hoping the jellybean update will solve the battery problem. 
DickWyn, Galaxy Note

If I don't turn on the power saving mode I can use that phone for whole day with wifi. If I switch it on, the cpu will clocked slower for battery saving and its really saves a lot battery, I think I can use it about 1 and a half or 2 days. 
Gary, Galaxy S III

So, yes as you can see in the above there are mixed responses on their battery life. Let's get back to the main topic, what causes the phone to drain the battery. One of the main causes are bugs which are basically some small software glitches which either from an app or from the system software itself. Usually there bugs won't affect the overall system they just affect the way the app or the system software work. But in many cases apps tend to drain a fair amount of battery because it is either not coded properly of it is not full optimized for the hardware present. A study showed that quite a number of apps present in the Google Play Store tend to drain more than normal apps because they are not full optimized and the developers are sometimes rushing to publish the app so there are some errors in the coding which result in inefficient use of the battery in the foreground and background. The next big thing which causes the battery of the phone to drain dramatically is when you on any type of wireless extension like wifi, 4g, 3g, bluetooth and many more. The reason why is because there wireless extensions have a radio or a chip controlling the wireless signal going in and going out and they use a lot of power. The most power hungry wireless extension is when you on your 3g/4g mobile data. Another thing which might be the problem why your phones battery is draining is because the software you are using is not optimized for the hardware present. Like most android devices software updates tend to come months after a new version is announced by Google. One feature which potentially drains battery in some android devices are live widgets and live wallpapers. If you listen to some people which they say live wallpapers drain your battery, you could agree or disagree because in the end it all comes up to wheter your device drains battery or not. So this is about it, stay tuned for part 3 which is coming tomorrow as we will be talking about how to solve the battery drainage issue.
"A Bigger Battery Doesn't Always Translate Into A Better Battery Life"
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