Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Improve Battery Life On A Smartphone [Part 3: Ways To Solve This Problem]

In part 2 we talked about the problems causing the battery to drain and some responses we got from normal users about the battery life of their smartphone. In the last and final part we will be discussing ways to improve your battery life and help you get more out of your smartphone. So here are a few simple tips on improving your battery life

  1. If your phone has a power saving mode make sure to turn it on when you are halfway through the battery
  2. Keep your screen brightness to 20% as it is proven to be a balance of screen brightness and battery saving. Also change your on screen time to about 1 minute or lesser.
  3. Switch off wireless services like wifi, mobile data, bluetooth and GPS when not in use.
  4. don't have too much live widgets on your homescreen as that might suck up some of your battery life. 

In my personal experience, i tried numerous apps and online guides on how to save battery and only some of them work. One of the apps which work perfectly for me is carat, this app is available on both android and iOS for free. Basically this app analyses your device and check for the apps which are using a lot of battery and advises you to either terminate it or disable it. This app really works and you should give it a try (links will be listed below). Other than that i also use advanced task killer to help in closing applications which are inactive. You may already use this app but you must play around with the settings to make it work more efficiently. One of the things which i tend to do is to on flight mode when i am sleeping, i know that this might not work out for some people. But if this can be applied you can save a lot of battery, because sometime i don't know why for some reason my battery is being used when there are no running applications and sometimes the phone does not go in to deep sleep. One final thing is to install a custom ROM (Not Advised) because some custom ROMs tend to handle the phone's processes better.

Carat: iOS & Android 
Advanced Task Killer: Free & Paid 
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