Monday, November 5, 2012

Samsung Preparing For A Total Brand Overhaul At CES 2013

The samsung brand has brand has been getting more and more popular in these past few years. It all started with the introduction of the Galaxy S which drove the Samsung Galaxy name as well as the Samsung name. Ever since then they have gotten more and more mature and people love their devices. With that said a growing company must have a good new look and that is what Samsung is doing, they are giving the Samsung Electronics brand a huge makeover and they will show off the new feel and look at CES 2013. The makeover includes a refresh to the samsung logo which will be multi colored to represent a more global brand than a korean brand. The brand overhaul is headed by Scott Bedbury which is the man behind several Nike brand programs. "Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does,"according to an unnamed source. 
“Samsung's brand became powerful only after they put a Chief Design Officer in place and made it a priority for the company. Now they are moving to expand the brand globally,” design VP at Lenovo, David Hill, commented.
So stay tuned for a full brand overhaul in CES 2013, we will be covering the event. 

Source: Phonearena
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