Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Roundup [Episode 7] [Final Episode]

Well this is the last ever episode of the Galaxy S IV rumor roundup. Sadly, i was planning to have an iPhone 5S rumor roundup series but it never came to play because of the time constraints. But fear not as i will renew the series with the Galaxy S V and also on the iPhone 6 or whatever iPhone comes next year. Well lets get on to the news since the last episode. Firstly, the gestures like smart scroll and smart pause has been confirmed via a leak and it will come to the Galaxy S IV first. Also just recently there was a bang in leaked info of the Galaxy S IV which started with the screenshot of the new TouchWiz and a render of the device. Then it soon was followed up by a report stating that the S IV will be using an all new display called green PHOLED which is much more efficient than the AMOLED panels used currently on many Samsung flagship devices. Then came the sweet moment which is also the cherry on the top when the first ever device leak of the Galaxy S IV which shows a design which looks pretty bad and the form factor looks similar to the Galaxy S III. Finally until up upon the day before yesterday Samsung officially teased the Galaxy S IV with a very dark image, which immediately created some response from the web to be looking exactly like the Galaxy S III according to the form factor. Then just today a chinese site leaked some higher res images of the S4 which confirms the specs of the Galaxy S IV and showed off the touchless gesture which have been shown off. So this is all of the rumors and if you have been staying with us since episode 1, then this has surely been a long way. Until then this is the last episode for the SIV but fear not we still have the final piece of this series which is the wrap up and some follow up news on the SIV. Until the Samsung Galaxy S V rumor roundup, this is Dickwyn from the Technology Of Today International signing off.

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