Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4, Should You Buy It ? [Part 1]

Its about three days since Samsung showed off the Galaxy S4 to the public and i'm pretty sure everybody is very hyped out about the device except those Samsung/android haters and Apple/WP/Nokia/HTC/etc fanboys, other than that the general public is sure to have heard the news because it is everywhere in the media and social networks. So the question now is 'should you buy the Galaxy S4', well since the device is not out yet i can only talk pure specs with a little bit of imaginative comparisons. So, i've decided to split this in to two segments in which the next part will come out after the device reaches the market and the public response is back. For this we'll be stating the obvious; Yes, if you are a first time smartphone buyer and you have the money to spend on your first smartphone the Galaxy S4 is a very good place to start because it has all of the bells and whistles like a nice and gorgeous screen, a manageable size, a relatively ok weight distribution. It also has the latest version of android so that you won't feel missed out. The camera is also really superior so you don't need to carry around a compact camera of any sort because your Galaxy S4 can take pretty decent images. That is the pre statement i can give for the first time smartphone users.
But for users which have experience using a smartphone then its a different story, if you're having like say a Galaxy S3 i don't see the need for upgrading because Samsung said that some of the non hardware accelerated features on the S4 will come to the S3 in the forseen future. Unless you want the latest and greatest or you have some money to burn upgrading from the Galaxy S3 to the S4 will not bring much. The story is different if you are having say example an iPhone or other android phones. In this case, the first question which comes up is; are you ready to move away from the brand of smartphone you are using, this is a question always because different brands of smartphones bring different user interfaces, same goes even if you used and android device from another brand it doesn't mean that you'll be used to Samsung's touch on android. The core android steps are there but the users interface is totally different. So the answer for this is mixed and can't quite be answered and as usual it all comes up to what you want. Finally is the part of switching platforms, if you are willing to switch from other platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc then the S4 is really a good place to start off because it shows the best of android (some you will disagree with this however). So this is the end of the first part of this two part series, i hoped that this somehow helped you and stay tuned for the next part which is coming in about 2 months from  now.

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