Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can The HTC One Cope Against The Competition

Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 last week the HTC One seemed to be obsolete but that only lasted for a few days. Since the launch of the device quite a number of reviews of the device have been released and all of the reviews noted the same thing. Currently the One is only available in a few regions and is still not ready to be launched in major regions like the US due to the slow production of the device which is due to the camera module. In this article i will talk about the HTC One's features and how will it stand up against the strong competition. The first thing which HTC has done right this time on the One is the premium aluminum body which according to reviews feel just like the iPhone 5. The construction of the device is full aluminum and glass in which the points they join have chamfered edges which is precision cut using diamond cutters, sound's familiar right because that is exactly like the iPhone 5. But that's a good thing because in the android ecosystem the HTC One is by far the most premium feeling phone period. Then we go down to the total dimension of the One which is not too wide and not too tall which is suitable for most people and although the thickness is around 9mm reviewers note that it feels thinner in the hand because of the edges which are very thin and the bulk comes in in the middle. Following the same cue, HTC has placed to forward blasting speakers which they call Boom Sound and according to the reviews published, the speaker present on the device is the loudest among any smartphone out there today. The amount of detail they put into the device is just too much even the speaker grills are micro cut. 
Talking about hardware, the HTC One doesn't fail to excite us because it has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip clocked in at 1.6GHz paired up with 2GB of RAM and the screen is full HD and measures in at 4.7" making it the most densest smartphone screen period. This again helps HTC in competing the competition as other manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have FHD resolutions on their smartphones but they are all based on a 5" panel. On the same page, HTC in this version of their flagship android phone managed to squeeze in a 4MP camera, HTC is calling this hte Ultrapixel camera. But do not be fooled by the small MP count as it has a very big aperture which allows more light and that translates into better low light shots. Reviews have noted that the camera on the One is better than expected but it still falls short because of the MP count which leaves a lot of noise in the image during low light. But overall it is noted in good lighting the One's camera shines with very vivid and beautiful colors produced. Alongside the very advanced camera, HTC also bundled in a new feature called HTC Zoe which is already trademarked by them. Basically HTC Zoe takes 3 second videos alongside your photos so when you view your gallery it will look more alive with moving pictures and it will also tell a part of the story in the picture. The camera and features however in the near future will be overpowered by the 13MP cameras on most flagship smartphones and sooner or later other manufacturers will give better camera features than the one present on the HTC One. 
Additionally, HTC is also putting in some attention to the software this time around. They are introducing something called BlinkFeed which will be the homescreen for your HTC One, to cut things short BlinkFeed is a way for you to consume content from different sources all from your homescreen without jumping in the app itself. But reviewers did note that currently the supported apps are still limited and does no feature much customization settings. Overall the whole package of the HTC one is very well planned and the device is really the most premium android experience you will get period. But it does not weigh in much compared to the S4 in terms of software and hardware. Still the S4 has an edge over it having never before seen features like airview with your hands, a temperature and humidity sensor, etc. So the only way that HTC could somehow compete against other manufacturers is learn what Samsung does year after year, do more advertising so the world will know more. 

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