Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Production Cost Estimated To Be At $244, Says IHS iSupply

The Galaxy S4 will hit the market in about a month's time and until today there is no official words yet on the official pricing of the device, there are leaked prices of the device which indicate that the price will be similar to the S3. IHS iSupply has released a list of estimated prices for the parts of the S4. Their list includes both the LTE and HSPA+ version in which they have give and estimate pricing of $241 and $236 respectively. They also compare the pricing for the S3 and this time around the build cost seems to be 15% up or $30.4. The price hike is due to the inclusion of the Full HD Super AMOLED screen and the new silicone. Continue this conversation at our facebook page
Source: IHS 
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