Friday, March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV, My Thoughts On It

The Galaxy S4, Samsung's flagship Galaxy device which will be competing up against devices like the HTC One, Xperia Z and other flagship devices from manufacturers. Well first and formost i noticed the choice with Samsung naming the device. Previously with Galaxy S flagship devices, Samsung will us roman numerics like I, II, III; but on the S4, Samsung chose to use the number '4', well that is just my finding. Up to my thoughts of the device, after watching tons of hands on videos about the Galaxy S4's software features and also comparison between the device, i can say that Samsung has hit the mark there and this i can say is the finest Smartphone which money can buy if you count in terms of sheer features that it brings to the table. But one thing which Samsung did not improve on since the last device is the use of plastic which people are always ranting on over the net. To me wheter its premium or not the device is still defined by what experience that the manufacturer provide. When that happens you are immersed into the device and the parts use to make the device which are not premium instantly becomes more better in a way. With this generation of Galaxy S device, Samsung has created their thinnest Galaxy Phone ever measuring in at 7.9mm. The specs of the device itself is enough to persuade users to buying it. The feature set which Samsung showed off in the Galaxy S4 was truly amazing and this shows that they did take it to hand about what kind of elements users want in their smartphones. Take for example the dual camera mode, which is something i find very practical and is also a pretty nifty feature. Aside from all of the software and design, Samsung has bundled this device with their all new Exynos 5 Octa and according to benchmarks done the device blows away the competition in every way, also in some hands on videos they noted that the performance of the device is very snappy and multitasking is a sure win. Samsung also did some justice here for the first time because they are bundling in the latest version of android which is 4.2.2 to the Galaxy S4 which will spread joy to those who like the latest versions of anything. Overall the design i can say is not groundbreaking but you just can't invent the wheel a second time and Samsung is somehow following the footsteps of Apple but they are in a better direction by altering the design a bit and adding a ton of new features and hardware. Additionally i was shocked to have found out that the dimensions of the S3 and S4 are identical and that is really something, Samsung has really hit it this time by packaging a ton of powerful hardware in such a small package. Also with concerns about build quality, this time around it should be much better because Samsung has incorporated Gorilla Glass 3 which according to demos done in CES earlier this year is a pretty touch piece of glass. Finally, comparing the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 the S4 really is a refinement of the S3's design and has a mature look to it. This is sure going to be a good buy.

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