Thursday, March 7, 2013

Google I/O Page Easter Egg

Google is always putting in some surprises in their products, the last one was the Harlem Shake Youtube dance. Before that, Google has put up the page for this year's Google I/O and as to their products they are bundling in some fun. At sight when you first dive in the site it looks like just a normal page with the I/O 2013 in bright colors, a top header links and some short details below. But as to most of Google's products they will put some fun into it, this time around they slipped in a 1 and 0 code game which somehow feels like programming. All you have to do is use any of the codes listed below here and click it to the corresponding number on the page, there are a few result examples below: Google I/O page 
  • 01110101
  • 01000101
  • 01010011
  • 10010000
  • 10001000
  • 00101010
  • 11100111
  • 01111111
  • 00111001
  • 11010011
  • 11011011
  • 10000001
Source: GSMArena Blog 
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