Friday, March 29, 2013

Low End Handsets, What Are The Implications

We are all now in the 21st century and in this point in time mobile devices especially smartphones are very hot and popular. As each year passes by the number of smartphone users grow every so slightly and the price for a smartphone is on the run down. But the problem is that it is still not cheap enough to compete in the non smartphone category which has prices of phones at very low prices. Well when you talk about the low end handset market, Nokia is sure to be in the talk because when it comes to a low end non smartphone handset a Nokia phone is sure to be the recommendation. This is because the compelling features Nokia wrap with their pre smartphone device lineup called the asha are very compelling and plus the prices for the device will not exceed the price of a low end smartphone. With the Asha lineup of device Nokia is really wrapping a smartphone like experience to the user to get themselves ready for a smartphone. Some of these asha handsets are even having full touch screens and 3G data connectivity. So lets move down even lower to the phone section which are devices which are basically used as a spare phone in case your's fail at anytime. These device still have a recognition in the market because they still hold the crown of having the longest battery life which can last a few weeks on a single charge and even some device can last one month on standby. So the question is what implications does a phone still being to the table in the smartphone world. Well apparently the phone still hold a bigger market share than the smartphones (for now that is), so it is actually still a very compelling market. The market is basically dominated by nokia with their feature phones, to give an example to the importance of the market, Samsung the leader in the smartphone pack is preparing a new line up of device called the Samsung REX which are feature phones under Samsung's brand. Even Samsung is tackling this market which means that this market does have some implication. All in all the phone will always have a place in the market unless one day the smartphone will go so cheap until its price is comparable to the normal phone, but that is something which will not come forward in the forseen future, so no worries there.

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