Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Roundup Series Finale

As the saying goes 'all good things must come to an end', this is deemed for our Galaxy S IV rumor roundup series which will be nothing after the Galaxy S IV gets unveiled later. To finish up this series i will be talking about my experience in writing this series and tell you what i can expect in the S IV after writing more than 60 news articles and editorials on it over the past 7 months. First up the experience is like no other, this is by far the longest series this page has ever met spanning over 7 months of articles. Personally i did this because of the popularity of the Galaxy S III rumor roundup which was a major success with a lot of hits on every episode. That forward momentum was brought forward to the Galaxy S IV rumor roundup which has racked up quite a lot pageviews and is the most popular series. Well, writing articles all by your own is pretty hard, well you can imagine that but how do i cope you say ? Like what i tell people why i even started this blog, its for sharing the content with people, I would keep on writing even thought i have only 1 reader just to give the reader the information. I can say over the course of this 7 months i have learned a lot in terms of writing skills and tech knowledge. Actually after a while i got pretty used to it and writing was a very easy job, blogging about tech has always took my mind off things happening around me. And yes along the way some problems did happen with our facebook page but that did not affect the updates the blog is pushing out. Well to sum things up this has been one of the better experiences in creating The Technology Of Today International page. Enough about that, let me go through the news flow and how all the things came up to play. Firstly, the first ever concept image of the Galaxy S IV actually came out hours after the S3 was unveiled in London. Then the news start building up that a FHD OLED display is underway for the Galaxy S IV and so is a 13MP sensor. These preliminary reports deemed to be true and is now confirmed. Following that a GT-I9400 popped up in benchmarks and up until recently only that was shunned down by reports of Samsung skipping a number because of 4 is an unlucky number and some unknown reason. Also previously there were some momentum building upon the S IV launching in MWC to commemorate 2 years of the SII launch which was unveiled at MWC in 2011. Then CES came in January and Samsung showed off the FHD AMOLED display as well as the Exynos 5 octa 8 core processor. Sooner or later a lot of follow up news of leaks of the device and some info about the features like Samsung Orb, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll and touchless gestures appeared online. But one very interesting feat is that unlike Apple with the iPhone 5, Samsung managed to prevent any device leaks of the S4. But that was up until this week where prototype device was leaked by a chines site which revealed a lot of content. Thats pretty much it for the news flow section. The final part is what i think the Galaxy S IV will be, one thing which is for sure is that Samsung does have a winning chance to compete with Apple this year and the Samsung Galaxy S IV wheter good or bad will ultimately turn out to be 2013's best handset unless Apple pulls a fast card. But overall, expect the launch of the S4 to be something groundbreaking. The sales of the S4 i can say will be pretty good because the fact of users who bought the S2 2 years back are finishing their 2 year contract which mean they are most probably going to upgrade and Samsung must provide a winning chance so that users choose the S4 opposed to something from HTC or Nokia. That is is for this whole series, this is a wrap up. We will start the Galaxy S V rumor roundup maybe a little later this year at December.

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