Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV, What To Expect [Part I]

It is officially less than a week more until Samsung officially shows off the Galaxy S IV for the first time. Well we have some content for you already at our dedicated page which include news articles, rumor roundup episodes, and expected specs of the device. Today we are pioneering our most popular series with another branch which is " What To Expect". This will be a 2 or 3 part series which will comprise of what i expect to be present on the S IV. In part 2 i will give you the comments on what the general people will want to see in the next Galaxy flagship device. So without further ado lets get things rocking in part 1. My #1 most expected feature in the S IV is wireless charging. Last year Samsung promised to bring wireless charging to the S III but failed to do so, but that did not stop modders which hacked wireless charging into the device. However i expect that the wireless charging solution in the S IV will not be out of the box but will be sold separately this is to keep the slimness of the device and also to keep costs down. They also might announced the wireless charging upgrade kits for both the S III and Note II. The nominal impact of Samsung implementing wireless charging on the S IV is major because this will widen the market and help grow the qi standard. Moving to another page the S IV is also set to be the introduction plane for the next version of TouchWiz, which according to reports and leaks will still be based on nature. Other than that Samsung is also set to introduce a bevy of new sensor related features like Smart Pause, Smart Scroll. More of these features utilising the sensor will emerge. I also think that with this Galaxy S device Samsung is bound to resolve the battery life of the device with better management of software. The overall build quality will also be subjected. Finally Samsung will most probably pimp their software up, highlighting more camera features like HDR, bundling more productive features to the device like multi window. So thats about it for part 1 of this short series. Stay tuned for part 2 which will be more exciting than ever. 

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