Saturday, March 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Explained !

Its been a day since the Galaxy S4 has been announced and in this time i have been reading all of the news report and articles on the S4. So in this article i will explain to you throughly about the features of the S4 and hopefully after you read the last word in the end of this article you will be able to understand the S4 even better. First up i will talk about the specs which include a Exynos 5 Octa which is clocked at 1.6GHz and a Snapdragon 600 processor for certain regions. Frankly speaking the overall performance of the Exynos 5 octa looks to be outperforming the Snapdragon 600, but in real life situations like using the device to browse the web the difference could be at the minimal. But then there's the subject of battery life, although Samsung is touting that withing the Eynos 5 octa the cores will turn on and off and this system is intelligent, that we'll just have to look into more when reviews of the device come out. 2GB of RAM is included in the S4 which should be sustainably enough for multi tasking and using multi window or memory intensive apps.
As usual 16/32/64GB of internal storage configurations are on the table but most people will grab the 16GB version of the device and then add a microSD card to further expand the storage. Full HD Super AMOLED is the term Samsung is using for the S4's screen and crunching the numbers will give you a 441PPI. The screen measures in at 5 inches and its pretty amazing how Samsung managed to fit 5 inches of screen real estate in the dimension of the S4 which are identical to the S3. In the dimension stand point, the S4 is Samsung's most thinnest Galaxy phone and if you ever held an S3 then that's how the S4 is going to feel like but with the feeling of it being lighter and thinner than ever. Comparing the S4 with other 5 inch devices like the Xperia Z, Droid DNA, the Galaxy Grand etc; Samsung is providing the most smallest form factor to house the 5 inch screen; in other words or like what Ryan said on stage yesterday 'there's less to hold and more to see'. Additionally the exterior hardware of the S4 is like the usual Samsung styling with plastic on the back, glass on the front and the hallmark hardware features, the physical home button which is a love to hate thing. Different approaches towards the plastic back is taken this time with a dotted pattern which spans all around the device but the dots seems to be inprinted on the surface and has no texture to it, the back is still having the hyperglaze coating Samsung introduced in the S3 last year. Also to ensure the rigidity of the device Samsung has bundled the S4 with Corning's all new Gorilla Glass 3, it is noted that the S4 will be the first device to utilize this glass from corning. Around the device lays the metal/aluminum/chrome band which makes the device somehow feel premium to hold. Jumping down to the camera which is presumably the 13MP sensor by Sony, in the front lays a 2MP sensor fo video chatting and self portraits;  the rear camera does support 60fps video at 1080P. Well Samsung did not quite talked about the camera quality of this new sensor but they sure did show off the features which are camera related. Dual camera is really an innovation which somehow either Samsung copied LG with the Optimus G Pro or they were just late at announcing it. So talking about the dual camera it basically allows you to take a picture with the front facing camera and rear camera so that the person behind the phone can also be in the shot; this feature is also in par with the new chat On feature on the S4 which allows the use of dual cameras for chatting as well as sharing your screen. Sound and shot is yet another feature which is included with the S4, its basically like having a picture which has some audio in it; feels like Nokia's Cinemagraph app and HTC's Zoe merged together. One thing which Samsung did serve some justice this time around is bundling the S4 with the latest version of android which is v4.2.2, this will mark happy faces for users which want the latest and greatest in android software. Connectivity of the S4 include the usual BT4.0, Wi-Fi which now supports ac, GPS, NFC, DLNA, 3G, 4G LTE in certain markets and an IR blaster. Talking about connectivity let's move on to sensors in which the S4 has 8 in which two are brand new. The IR sensor is one of them and its situated on the left side of the Samsung logo in the front it acts as the companion hardware so that Airview as well as the air gestures will work.
Deep inside the device is the temperature and humidity sensor which has something to do with the all new S Health feature which keeps track of our health by recording everything from what you eat to how many steps do you take every day. In this new phone, TouchWiz did not change much, just that Samsung has added a load of new features which enhance the experience. One of them is Smart Pause/Smart Scroll which is the intervention of last years Smart Stay feature which utilizes the front facing camera to detect motion. S Translator is yet another feature which is a translating app which works pretty intelligently and knows 9 languages at launch. Group Play, Adapt Display, Story Album, Samsung Knox and S Voice Drive are also among the new additions to the TouchWiz interface. One thing which Samsung did not touch on at all is Wireless charging which according to reports will be a market dependent feature and requires extra cash to have that added feature. Talking about all of there features and hardware, powering all of the pixels, hardware and software is a 2600mAh battery which is pretty big and should be sufficient for the FHD display as well as the supercharged hardware under the hood. To wrap things up here, the S4 has a lot under that 7.9mm thick body and the features are really overflowing and the thought of these features makes me think that these are just gimmicks and only a few of them are really useful for day to day usage. 

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