Thursday, March 7, 2013

Galaxy S IV Leaked Screenshots Reveals Some Juicy Details

We are exactly 1 week away from officially seeing the Galaxy S IV, as to all device launches in the past year. Major leaks will start to come out around a week before the official unveiling. But seemingly this year we have lesser leaks of the SIV compared to the S3 last year which was heavily leaked. Today we have a render of what the device might look like as well as some screenshots. The leaked render shows a more calm TouchWiz look and the camera icon has been changed, the taskbar also seems to be transparent now. If this is accurate then Samsung might be aiming for a calm nature theme this time around. The screenshots leaked show the specs of the device which is a quad core 1.8GHz CPU, it is noted that even though it is an 8 core CPU the system cannot detect it if its not in use. Also one of the screenshot below shows a small bar on the left which is transparent and looks to be the multi windows bar but it looks differently here. The settings menu now is more organized with tabs and now has a white background, which could be change (fingers crossed). The last screenshot is the camera menu which clearly shows the 13MP setting which is 4:3. Stay tuned for more leaks which i believe will come as a volume this weekend. Join the conversation with us in our Facebook Page.
Source: GSMArena Blog 

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