Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV To Incorporate New AMOLED Display Called green PHOLED

Another day another batch of rumors, today's one is acquired by Sammobile. They are pointing out that the previously rumored floating touch system might actually make it to the final device. Its basically something like airview on the Note II except you don't use the S Pen which is replaced with your fingers. Another info gathered is that the S IV will incorporate a new type of display which will be called "green PHOLED". The characteristics of this new display include 25% more efficient battery usage and a FHD resolution. Additionally the Galaxy S IV is said to run Android 4.2.1 out of the box and the 4.2.2 update will be released the same month the phone hits the market. Another thing which is also incoming is Samsung Orb as well a new version of TouchWiz. 

Source: Sammobile
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