Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV, What To Expect [Part 2]

In episode 1 i talked about some thing which i highly expect that will show up on the Galaxy S IV. In episode 2 i will give a brief explanation of what the general public wants to see in Samsung's next gen Galaxy S flagship smartphone. Lets start off with some more of what i expect to see. First is a whole new experience, over the past few days since the last episode we have seen quite a number of leaks of the S IV which show that the device will come forward with a design similar to the S3 but with some alterations and additions alon the way. I also expect the display to be having some special features opposing to the ever so normal FHD screen which manufacturers like HTC and Sony have been using on their flagship devices. Another thing is i would like to see a bit more durability of the S IV because the S3 wasn't always the most durable device and post-leaks of the S IV has shown that the device's plastic back has cracked. To wrap things up in this two part series i will give a general conclusion of what people want to see in the Galaxy S IV. I've asked a few people and the similarities are that people want to see a new design, want the phone to be more powerful as well as the all so important long battery life. Stay tuned for more Galaxy S IV content from us

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