Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013, What To Expect, Galaxy S IV?!

Well we've pretty much seen a lot of things regarding the Galaxy S IV. Well so what will we see in the Mobile Unpacked Show you ask ? In this article we'll talk all about what i think will end up showing up at the event. First up i would like to touch on the invitation which is enscripting the text in bold 'Ready 4 The Show', with that they are obviously trying to tease us about the Galaxy S IV. Another thing is than in the other invitation the background looks to be textured and according to some reports as well as the leaked prototype device the S4 will sport a textured back which will both help in grip and show some classiness. This is a similar move like what they did with the Galaxy S II which also had a textured back but the problem with that is that the textures will build up your skin oil and will stain the back over time. Well on to the juicy bits, Samsung is most definitely going to show off the Galaxy S IV and with that there's something confirmed. The event will start at 7PM, but as usual to all events they will start not on time. Last year with the Galaxy S3 launch there was a slight delay but no harm done there. On today's event the theme is not specified but one things for sure is that Jeremy which is the little boy portraying the secret messenger of this event will show up and handing the device to the unpackers or maybe even show it off, well that's my theory. But before all of the unveiling and unpacking, Samsung Mobile's head JK Shin is sure to take the stage and talk about the accomplishments Samsung has been through in 2012 and he is sure to talk about the Galaxy S3 sales. Additionally some time in between the announcements presumably before it end, i'm expecting Samsung to announce that the 4.2 update for the Galaxy S III is coming. Also they might very well announce the wireless charging upgrade pack for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II which was long promised. Other than that they will also list out the launch countries which this time might be wider in a shorter period of time so that they can achieve their goal of 10 million units sold in 1 month. Before i forget there is also reports saying that Samsung will show off an upgraded version of the S3 presumably the S3 Plus which will have a bigger battery, better screen and the design will remain the same. Well after that then we reach the point of the unexpected which is the unveiling of the Galaxy S IV mini which is bound to come sometime this year and also the rumored smartwatch which leaked alongside the Galaxy S IV previously. That is all i'm expecting for the event later in the evening. We'll be covering the event live via our Facebook page with live updates as the event is going on.

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