Friday, June 29, 2012

Asus Preping for HD 7850 DirectCUII Dragon Edition Graphics Card

Asus is reportedly working on a new HD 7850 card. This card is not aimed for extreme overclockers but aimed at users which wants price to performance ratio. This card utilises Asus's DirectCUII cooling solution but this card is labled Dragon Edition, with a model number of DRAGON HD7850-DC2O-2GD5. This card clocks at 910 MHz and 5GHz on memory, which falls in the middle of the reference clock speeds and the speeds of the DirectCUII TOP edition card (reference clock speeds of 870/4.84 GHz; and DirectCUII TOP clock speeds of 975/5.00 GHz). One interesting feature the Dragon Edition has over the TOP edition is that the Dragon Edition features a metal back plate. The Dragon Edition features a 6+3 Phase Digi+ VRM and draws power from 2 6-Pin power connectors. The main heatsink of this card is having a slightly different design than the normal DirectCU II cooler. This card is likely to be priced in between a stock HD 7850 and a HD 7850 Top card. 

Source: Techpowerup
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