Saturday, June 2, 2012

Phone Tech Update [Ep 3]

This week there are a lot of interesting news in the mobile industry the first one comes from the android ecosystem. Android 4.0.X AKA Ice Cream Sandwich is reportedly reached 7.1% of all android devices. This has been a significant change since last month's percentage is 4.9%. This is in fact very relevant because in the past month manufacturers start rolling out updates for their devices and newer devices with Ice Cream sandwich being preinstalled begin to roll out like the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and many more devices. This did not stop gingerbread for increasing its market share; in fact gingerbread had an increase of 6% from the previous month's data. However although many are having Ice Cream Sandwich, it still does not beat Froyo which accounts 19.1% of android powered devices which mean almost 1 out of 5 android phones are running Froyo. To sum things up currently 75% of android phones are using Android 2.3.3 or higher. 

Next up is market share of various Mobile Platforms and Mobile OEM's in the US. We'll start of with the smartphone platform first; Android is still keeping the lead of having the bigger chunk of market share in the US, it is noted that results are based on the 3 month average with month ending April. The report shows that in that 3 month period Google (Android) is up by 2.2%, where as Apple (IOS) also gained 1.9%. All those market share were took by RIM, Microsoft and Symbian. The most amount of loss is RIM, they lost 3.6% even more than what google gained. Now that cuts some of the gap between google and apple which is now 19.4% from 20.3%. Next up is Mobile OEM's, Samsung gained 0.5% and LG was down by 0.5% which was good enough for first and second place. Sitting in the third place is Apple with a 1.6% increase in market share. Next is Motorola which lost 0.7% and finally HTC was left with only 6% of the market share with a damage of 0.4%; it is noted that at the time the HTC series has not yet been launched in the US. 
The Next big thing is Google Maps, Google has sent out invitations to the media. In the invitation it clearly states the time and date which is Wednesday, June the 6th which is next week and starts at 9.30 am. Looking at the title and background it briefly tells us the next dimension of google maps, this could mean that the next version of the popular map service could feature 3D view maps which might be incorporated throughout it or maybe we will get see maps in a more special way. If you have been around for some time you might have heard that apple is going to be changing the google map service on the next version of IOS with their own map service. At this point do not know whether apple is really going to change the map service or not, if it is true than google has a one week headstart since WWDC is on the 11th and google might steal some of apple's thunder. 
As the 10th allthingsdigital conference is about to end, info about the relation between android and Chrome OS pops out along with news about Google Drive offline which is slated to be out within 5 weeks. The words came straight from Google’s Senior Vice President of Chrome Sundar Pichai, which was just black and white with not much more details. We are guessing that when you are offline you could view documents but not editing it or a offline office suite which is capable of editiing documents. Sundar Pichai said; "It's a natural evolution. Users like the familiarity. Sometimes wanting to be full-screen; if you're watching YouTube or Netflix, you want to be immersed. It's important to remember that we release a new version every six weeks; contrast that with Windows! Google Drive offline is coming five weeks from today.” Interestingly, Pichai spoke about convergence and how in the future we should be able to get to work without thinking about which software to install and where:
"Android is extremely successful, we couldn't be more proud of it. We have exciting steps ahead with tablets, too. There are many instances where people spend all of their time in the browser. The notion that, for the first time, your experience is in the cloud. You still run on a local device -- CPU, SSD, etc. -- but the notion that your computer is actually in the cloud enables zero administration. From a web console, you can deploy and manage apps -- there's no installing software, etc.

I think what is important between Android and Chrome OS -- with users, it makes sense. Look at Apple, there's MacBooks and iPhone, they use different operating systems. Convergence will happen, sure. But look at Gmail -- you go from a Chromebook to Android, and it just works."

Next up is the Nokia 808 Pureview, it seems that the phone which has had a lot of buzz in Mobile World Congress this year is ready to hit the shelves and to the hands of consumers. But sadly this is not the launch event but this is when pre-launch activities begin, so the launch date will not be next week. This phone was scheduled for a May release in Russia and India, and other markets will follow after that. However in the UK  smartphones are not likely to be in stock before the second half of July and eventually, U.S. consumers will be able to get one as well, but at full retail price. 
According to numbers which are confirmed by Samsung; Their Galaxy S series have sold 52 million units excluding the Galaxy S III. the original Galaxy S sold 24 million units over the course of 2 years, whereas the Galaxy S II sold 28 million units in about half the time took by the original Galaxy S. The Galaxy S II is considered the best android handset produced to date. If we look to the Galaxy S III, it has already achieve over 9 million pre-orders according to samsung's executive marketing; if the numbers match it will be the fastest selling gadget of all time. The Galaxy S series does not get all the glamour because the Galaxy Note which is a whole new category called phablet which is a phone and a tablet. The Galaxy Note which is one of the phones with the bigger screen, 5.3" sold a total of 7 million units in the course of nearly 8 months. 

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