Thursday, June 7, 2012

HTC One X used as a hammer, NOT

There has been a video which is circulating the web and had catched attention of many smartphone users. This video is about the HTC One X used as a hammer, we've seen this being done to the Nokia Lumia 900. Based on the video the screen was used as a hammer to hammer a nail and it did not affect the screen whatsoever without a scratch. Let's talk about the screen on the HTC, firstly the one X is using corning's gorilla glass which has said to be scratch proof, but that dosen't mean it is unbreakable. One of the first scenarios the gorilla glass broke is on the Samsung Galaxy S III. So going back to the matter, a curious user in taiwan had some nails but did not have a hammer. So the user decided to use the One X as the hammer, after a few hits the beautiful screen was broken and there is a huge crack in the middle. And last but not least do not try what you see on the internet at home or you'll end up like this curious user.

Source: Phonearena

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