Sunday, June 10, 2012

WWDC 2012 What to Expect

WWDC is a conference for developers but on the first day there is a keynote which apple uses this to introduce new products. This keynote used to be the stage for the iphone's release but starting last year apple changed it to an October iphone release. This year i speculate that the iphone will be released in the September-October time frame. Even if apple decided to show the iphone in WWDC tomorrow i am pretty sure it is going to be a sneak peek only. This year there are two things which are confirmed to be showcased at the keynote which is iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. What i predict will be new in iOS 6 is a new notification system, maybe some room for widgets, better multitasking, new maps service, and siri can do many more things. Like iOS 5 last year apple is most probably going to give us a sneak preview and let developers try it, and iOS 6 will be launched alongside with the iphone. Next is OS X Mountain lion, which is expected to be released this fall. Voice dictation like the ipad is going to be available in the next iteration of OS X, as apple said OS X Mountain Lion is inspired by the ipad. The next speculation is pretty obvious which is the refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup and maybe the Mac Pro which is has not been refreshed for well over a year now. The MacBook Pro is speculated to have USB 3.0, Nvidia Graphics opposed to AMD, a thinner design which removes the optical drive, and a retina display. Speculations also say that apple might take the 'Pro' out of the Macbook and apple is rumored to retire the 17" Macbook Pro. The Mac Pro in the other hand has been not refreshed for more than a year and is rumored to be discontinued. Some rumors say that the Mac Pro if not discontinued will have the new intel E5 processors. So stay tuned as the WWDC 201 keynote starts tomorrow at 10 PM PDT at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco. To find out what time the keynote starts at your location click here
WWDC 2012: What to Expect (Key Items)

  • iOS 6
  • OS X Mountain Lion
  • Macbook Pro Refresh
  • Mac Pro Refresh 
  • Maybe the iphone 5
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