Monday, June 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Drop Test

There are two videos circulating the web which is about the samsung galaxy siii vs the iphone 4s drop test; one of them is from android authority and the other is from electronics break (squaretrade). Ok let's start with some info about both of the phones screen and body. Firstly the iphone, we all know that the iphone has a 2 glass panels front and back sandwiched together and around the phone is a metal band. Next is the Galaxy S III which has been launched since last week; this phone has a polycarbonate back cover and a chrome bezel around the edge of the phone and the screen is the gorilla glass 2 from corning. corning claimed that the gorilla glass 2 is 20% thinner than the original gorilla glass but still keeps it rigidity. Both of the videos show that the iphone 4s glass is clearly fragile and the screen shattered. But the interesting part is that the screen of the galaxy S III which sports Corning's new Gorilla Glass 2 cracked when dropped. This could not be a coincidence because both of the video clearly shows the screen cracking. I believe samsung is working on a solution for its valuable customers. Check out both of the videos below: 

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