Monday, June 4, 2012

Computex 2012 [ASUS] [4/6/2012]

Today is the day before Computex officially starts, but today there is a press conferences from asus. Asus showed us some pretty amazing new technologies. They have released some new things which is fairly new to the industry and some industry first technologies as well as products. 
The most innovative product that asus showed us today is the Asus Taichi. There is a reason why this is innovative, it is because it has two touch screens. this is an ultrabook and if you close the lid it doubles as a tablet. It is going to run Windows 8 when it is released. This product is pretty similar to the zenbook; features include a 11.6"/13.3" two sided display, and ivy bridge core i7, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, an SSD for storage. Ports included with this laptop is two USB 3.0, a micro HDMI port, mini display port, a 5 MP rear facing camera as well as a HD front facing camera. This laptop also sports a chiclet keyboard which is backlit, the trackpad is also very big like the one on the zenbook. Asus calls the TaiChi "incredible fusion of notebook and tablet that remains as thin and light as the zenbook line". The two displays can either be mirrored or be independent display; to cut things short it is like having two screens on a laptop. If you close the lid it will perform just like a normal tablet, the dedicated windows 8 buttons are also present. This device is pretty similar to what tim cook said about combining a macbook with an ipad  'a toaster with an oven, it just forced convergence', we will have to see if it is really forced convergence in this device since this is what tim was describing. This laptop is also NFC capable and if you want to use android apps you can launch the apps through bluestacks app launcher. Pricing or availibility of this marvelous innovation is not yet been announced. We will get to see the TaiChi in action as Computex 2012 officially starts tomorrow.
The next thing which asus also showcased is the Asus Transformer AiO. This is a downright amazing product which is just brilliant innovation. If you ever had a dream of having an AiO and a tablet but couldn't afford both this is the thing you want to get. This transformer product really gives the best of both worlds because if it is in is AiO dock it is on windows 8 but the second you take it of the dock it instantly becomes Android 4.0 ICS, without any booting time you instantly can use use it after taking it out; this is like an oversized transformer pad which is very capable. Specifications include a 18.4" multitouch display paired up with an ivy bridge processor as well as a discrete graphics card. If you ever wanted a 18" tablet this is your thing. When you are in tablet mode the transformer AiO will use remote desktop interface to communicate to the dock and can function as a windows 8 PC. Nevertheless not much more info is given on this tablet/AiO.
The next thing that asus showed there today is the transformer book which is a windows 8 based laptop which can become a tablet. The transformer book has a detachable keyboard which has a few ports including USB 3.0. whereas the main body has some ports as well as the usual windows buttons. All those is powered by intel ivy bridge processors including i3, i5, and i7, it comes with 4 gigs of ram and Nvidia Graphics. This notebook will come with a 11.6", 13, and 14" full HD IPS display. The design top of the notebook is pretty similar to the zenbook's design. 
Right before their press conference they announced the asus tablet 600. This tablet is running windows 8 RT and is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor paired up with 2 gigs of RAM. Other features are an 8 MP camera, 10" super IPS+ panel, and an optional keyboard dock. basically this is something like the transformer android series of products asus had. 
The Final and last thing is the asus tablet 810 which is also a windows 8 which is similar to tablet 600, the only difference is that this is an intel based solution and runs on normal windows 8. The key difference is that this has an 11.6" Super IPS panel and comes with and intel atom processor. It still has that 8 MP camera like the tablet 600. This tablet is also compatible with traditional desktop apps in windows 8 for better productivity. This also comes with a wacom digitizer with stylus support. Another thing that stands out is that it is extremely thin, about 8.7mm thick and is thinner than the current ipad. This tablet will come with a 2-in-1 mobile dock which has a hidden hinge design.

Source: TheVerge 
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