Friday, June 1, 2012

iphone rumors

At D10 early this week tim cook was replacing steve position at the on-stage interview at AllThingsD's annual D10 conference. One of the highlights of the event was that tim said that apple is doubling up the security on new apple devices. After that many leaks of the next gen iphone was circulating the web, so is tim doubling up the security or doubling down the security. This week there have been many rumors as well as leaks of the iphone.
One of the leaks which gives a bit more confirmation about the panel which was leaked a few days ago. There are pictures comparing the next gen iphone panel and the current iphone. The panel which was leaked shows that the front facing camera (facetime) is in the middle and above the handset. This is then backed up by a leaked blueprint or schematic of the next gen iphone panel and body. The leaked blueprint shows and opening for a screen about 4-inch. The blueprints also show that the body of the iphone is about 7mm taller than the current iphone but the width of the phone remains the same, this ensures the one hand use of the iphone. 
If you have not been living under the rock for the past few weeks you will know that the apple is planning to change the 30 pin dock connector for the next gen iphone so there is more space inside for other things. This time around apple is like giving us this info directly by saying that they are hiring Connector Design Engineer and judging by the job offered by apple it is clear that apple wants to change the 30 pin proprietary dock connector. 
The next thing is that a rumor has been spreading on the web saying that apple is planning to replace google maps in the next version of IOS with their own map service.This map service is said to have 3D views of maps as well as some special features. IOS 6 is allegedly almost at its final stages of development, Leaks then show hardware and software features as well as info about the phone that will carry it. First up being leaked is the Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0 which is listing an ARM S5L8950X processor which is a made by Samsung with numbering higher than what we currently have in the iPhone 4S (40X) and the new iPad (45X). The next gen iphone is also said to have double the amount of ram the current iphone has which is 512MB. 

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