Friday, June 1, 2012

MSI Teases Next Z77 Based Motherboard

MSI Computer U.S.'s facebook page uploaded two teaser photos of their upcoming Z77 motherboard. From the motherboard we can't quite point out what the model is but the motherboard version is stated there. If you reference the version stated there which is MS-7751 VER: 3.0, you will find out that it is using the same board as the Z77A-GD65; The PCI-E lanes are also similar. One of the interesting things is that on this board MSI is using the chipset cooler which is used on their X79 platform but in black and yellow. One more thing to note that this is one of the board's by MSI which has a matte black PCB and not the brownish-black PCB which most of their motherboards have. From the chipset cooler we can point out that the board has a black color scheme with and accent of yellow; which is something like the color scheme of their Lightning series cards. This board is most probably geared for 2-way SLI bacause the is not PLX chip in sight. Some people are saying that this could be part of the bigbang series of motherboards, but i think that this bard will indeed be a bigbang board but not the highest end. The reason why i said this will not be the highest end because the Bigbang marshal had 8 PCI-E lanes which is geared for 4-way SLI. If this is indeed part of the bigbang series then this board will indeed have a bigger brother, like the Asus Maximus V series the formula has only capabilities for 3 way SLI and the Extreme will hold the 4 way SLI capabilities. This board is most probably not geared for 4-Way SLI but it should most probably be geared towards extreme overclockers. This board is slated to be unveiled next week at Computex. We will be keeping you all updated as the time comes. 

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