Monday, June 11, 2012

WWDC 2012 Keynote Wrap Up

This morning apple kicked of their yearly developers conference with the opening keynote which touches some of the new products apple is going to release. The first product was the MacBook pro and the MacBook Air both has been updated with ivy bridge chips, USB 3.0 and Nvidia Graphics for the pro. The next thing is the Next Gen Macbook Pro which is just under 0.71 inches and has a retina display. The resolution for this laptop is 2880X1800 which gives us a ppi of 220. With this slim new designs some things must be gone to make room, the optical drive is no longer there. The I/O include 2 USB 3.0, 2 Thunderbolt ports, SD card slot, and HDMI. Pricing starts at 2,199 for a 2.3 GHZ Quad-Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB Solid State Drive. All pixels are driven by the Geforce GT 650M and the battery can last up to 7 hours. All of those hardware makes this the lightest Macbook Pro apple has ever made. 
Next up is OS Mountain Lion which is going to be released in july for $19.99. Mountain lion can be upgraded from lion or snow leopard, Macs bought from today will get a free upgrade to mountain lion when it comes out. The next big thing on mountain lion is power nap which is something like the intel ultrabook instant on. 
Next is iOS 6 which is now available for developers with the developer beta. iOS 6 brings 200 new features to the table, apple only showed 10 items from that 200 features. The biggest thing is that siri will be available for 2nd and 3rd gen ipads via iOS 6. Now siri will be available to do more things like opening apps and searching for places nearby. The rumored facebook integration is also present and it is like the twitter intergration but just facebook. There is a new function when answering a phone which is either remind me later or send a message. There is also something called do not disturb mode which is basically dropping calls when this is on automatically and you can set your preferences. Factime is finally available through cellular data which hints 4G on the next iphone. Your phone can also integrate with your apple ID so you can answer calls on your ipad or Mac. Next is shared photo streams which mean you can share photos with selected people and when you upload a photo they will get a notification. The mail app has also been revamped adding VIPs and special contacts. You will also be able to attach photos and videos to messages. Passbook is the next big feature on iOS 6, it is a place where you put your plane tickets, movie tickets, and others. One new feature present on iOS 6 is guided access which allows the iOS device to run the particular application only. Lost mode the   enhancement added to the existing find my iphone app and allows the owner to send a number to the phone and whoever finds it just needs to tap on the message to reach the number. Apple also mentioned that they are going to add some china specific features for iOS devices to help gain some more market share in china. The last and greatest addition to iOS 6 is apple is booting google maps and throwing in their own map services and this adds turn by turn navigation on iOS 6 devices. To the eye this map service looks pretty stunning especially in flyover mode. 

That is pretty much what apple showed today at WWDC, stay tuned as we will be doing a separate post about the new maps service.

Source: TheVerge 
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