Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google Nexus Tablet image leaked

Phonearena receive a few images which show the press image draft of the upcoming Google Nexus Teblet which is manufactured by Asus. Many Rumors have been circulating around the internet saying that google is set to release their first Nexus branded tablet. According to rumors the tablet is slated to be a 7" Tegra 3 tablet which is pretty similar to the Asus Memo 370T. The Asus Memo 370T was revealed at MWC 2012 earlier this year and we know only know very less info on this tablet, the asus memo could just be the Nexus tablet because most of the specs is similar to the rumored nexus tablet. From the picture we can deduce that the nexus tablet will have a 2 tone design ( RUMOR), at the back there is a camera. The tipster mentioned the Quad-Core Tegra 3 as the CPU, 1gigs of RAM and as far as software goes it is slated to have JellyBean preinstalled out of the box, but some rumors say that jellybean will not be Android version 5.0 but will be Android Version 4.1, but these specs are just rumors and may or may not be true. Another thing is that the tipster also hinted that Android 4.1 is an update from 4.0 something like Éclair 2.1 was to Éclair 2.0. At the time the update brought new features as well a a complete visual change, and another thing is that Android version 2.1 brought Google earth to android. This scenario might just happen because google is going to release the new 3D maps today at their special event, there is also a possibility that this will be showcased at Google I/O at the end of this month. 

Source: Phonearena

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