Friday, June 29, 2012

iPhone Turns 5 Today

Today is a historical day in the smartphone world, 5 years ago on this very day the iPhone was launched and it started the smartphone era and shaped how a modern smartphone is today. Let us flip back to January 9 2007, the day where Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. Then 5 years from this date the iPhone was officially launched, and the consumers loved the device. In this 5 year period 250 million units of the iPhone was shipped. Giving Apple a 30 billion profit every year.
The iPhone has changed the lives of many people, and some can't live without an iPhone. The iPhone was one of the most revolutionary phones of all time and shaped how a phone is, for example in the year 3.5" was considered big but now with the Samsung Galaxy S III's 4.8" screen. If Apple does not increase the screen size in the next iPhone many consumers are going to be pretty angry. With all the competition, the iPhone still sells better than any other phone to date. The iPhone not only helped millions of people but they also helped Apple to be the world's most valuable company. So we from The Technology Of Today would like to wish the iPhone its 5th Birthday and if steve was here on this day he would be really happy. This Phone revolutionized the smartphone world from ever aspect.
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