Friday, June 8, 2012

Phone Tech Update [Ep 4]

This week the Facebook app center has launched, thursday to be particular. This app center will be available for android iOS and PC. The app center is where all of the games and applications will be, this is like some sort of facebook integration which will bring more traffic to these apps. For now there is 600 apps which is both native and web apps. installing apps for both iOS and Android via a "Send to Mobile" link, and also being able to preview apps in screenshots and descriptions which is something like the what google play store or app store is providing. 
Next big thing is that the windows phone marketplace has just surpassed 100K apps, to be exact that amount is 100,145 published apps on the windows phone market place. If put up against android and iOS; android took 24 months and iOS took 16 months tho reach 100K apps respectively. This puts the windows phone marketplace in the middle which is 20 months, the thing is that all of them has a 4 month margin between them. But this figure is not the exact figure of apps available in the windows phone marketplace. 10,357 of the apps are no longer in the marketplace either withdrawn by the Redmond based company or simply by the developer. Another 1,492 apps are waiting for updates or either in beta. And if you do the math that leaves the windows phone market place at 88, 371 apps. This is quite a good achievement as it took them 14 months to reach 50K apps and 5 months more to reach 100K apps.
Next in the line of news is that IDC estimates nokia shipped 2.2 million Lumia handsets during Q1 this year. This info was estimates numbers of actual units delivered to retailers and carriers and not units which has been purchased by customers. If you compare side by side with the iphone and android phones, the iphone sold 35 million units and the sales of android phones are pretty well especially the ones made by samsung. 
Qualcomm this week released a video about the thermal efficiency of the Snapdragon S4 against other mobile chipsets out there. in the video they compare the Droid Razr and the Samsung Galaxy S II against a Snapdragon S4 device. They tested the thermals of the phone with what ? Butter !! yes butter. Three of the devices were covered with a transparent plastic and each of them has a piece of butter on top of it. The three devices were faced of and the two other devices turned the butter into liquid faster than the Snapdragon S4 took. This proves that the Snapdragon S4 can keep your phones at a substantial temperature thanks to the chip's 28nm architecture. 
The last tech update this week is that apple is going to make Baidu as the default search engine on chinese iphones opposed to google on international versions of the iphone.This is one of the ways apple plan to increase popularity in the chinese mobile market. Although china isn't apples biggest territory last quarter but it is till the second, which makes US the number 1 territory of apple. We have to see how this plays out as people in china do use Baidu more frequently than google. According to Bloomberg this switch may just be announced as early as next week at WWDC.

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