Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google I/O 2012 Wrap Up

Google I/O 2012 kicked off with the keynote which is a stage for new software and hardware. This year Google Unveiled the next iteration of Android 4.1 dubbed JellyBean. One of the key aspect of Jellybean is the smoothness, which throws away the so called android Lag; Google calls this Project butter, you know smooth smooth butter. With Jellybean google is bringing a siri competition called google now which it will know your schedules and meetings. It also knows your preferences so when you do a google search it will follow that preference. The notification pull down menu has been upgraded so now if you pull down on a certain notification more info will be shown and it works the other way round too. Google also revamped how you put your widgets on your homescreen now, So now the widgets will auto resize depending on the size of space you have. The gallery now has a filmstrip view so if you would like to delete a photo just swipe and it will be deleted, don't worry about accidentally deleting a photo there is a undo button. The keyboard on jellybean is now smarter with better autocorrect and a better dictionary. Like the new iPad, jellybean will have voice dictation but now you can use it offline. Android beam is one new feature in jellybean which enables NFC devices to transfer videos, pictures etc which is something like s beam on the Galaxy S III. Searching on the google search widget on your homescreen in jellybean is super easy and fun. Just click the voice search button and ask your question and it will answer your questions just like siri but the voice is more human like. Google Now cards will pop up on your homescreen when you are in a certain location and need some info, for example if you're in the airport your boarding pass will pop up. Android jellybean update will be available on-the-air for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and the Motorola Xoom in mid July which is 2-3 weeks after Google I/O. SDK is now available at android developer. In Jellybean google still kept the animation which you get by pressing simultaneously on the android version. This time a red jellybean will pop up and if you press on it many jellybeans will pop out and you can play with it by swiping.

Next up Google announced the rumored Nexus tablet which is called the Nexus 7 and is made by Asus. The tablet is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad core processor, 1 gig of RAM, 7" IPS display (1280x800), 8GB and 16GB variant, and comes with jellybean preinstalled. Google also say this is the first device to ship with chrome as the default browser opposed to the stock android browser. Most of the features of this tablet is about the same but more of what he kindle fire is giving. This will be shipping in mid July for $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB model. 
Finally google announced the Nexus Q which is the latest piece of technology from google. This is basically a mini PC capable of streaming video to your TV and is powered by android. The Nexus Q is made in the US. You would need an android phone to run this device and also $399 to spare. Google says this is the first social streaming media player. This basically allows you to watch videos and play music from your phone to the media player, and the best thing you can link a few of these to the cloud so you can play music or videos wherever you have it connected. 
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