Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Windows Phone 8

Today Microsoft held their windows phone Summit in San Francisco. They announced Windows Phone 8 and it will be launch in fall which is expected to be around the time of Windows 8 launch. The main feature of Windows phone 8 is support for multi-core processors, which is something quite big for the windows phone platform because Windows Phone 7.5 only supported single core processors. One of the biggest changes in Windows Phone 8 is the interface, it still keeps the live tiles but now you can resize it and put widgets.
Another major update is the support for 720P resolution as Windows Phone 7.5 only supports WVGA resolution. There are 3 screen resolutions in Windows Phone 8 WVGA(800X480), WXGA(1280X768), 720P(1280X720). Windows phone 8 supports 2 aspect ratios which are 15:9 or 16:9. The next biggest feature which Windows Phone 7.5 lacks is MicroSD support which means expandable memory like most android phones. The next iteration of Windows Phone will also support NFC for mobile payments. With NFC support Windows Phone will have a Wallet Hub. Skype on Windows Phone 8 ha been integrated deeply into the Operating System.
In Windows Phone 8 bing maps is going to be thrown overboard and replaced by Nokia Maps. Multitasking on Windows 8 has been revamped but still no match for android. Apps has been a core feature people look in smartphones, notably games, Microsoft is bringing in DirectX support to Windows Phone 8 to help porting of apps. IE10 in Windows Phone 8 has also been revamped and according to sunspider score IE10 smokes the native android browser and safari in iOS 6
Windows Phone 8 also brings improved camera with Panorama and Burst Shot; These features are found in most android phones but Windows phone has an advantage over android phones with a dedicated shutter button on every Windows phone. Microsoft is also promising that each Windows Phone 8 will at least have 18 months of support with all updates. But sadly existing Windows Phone will not be getting a Windows Phone Update, they will only get a Windows Phone 7.8 update which only gives the new start screen. Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei will be the first manufacturers to ship Windows Phone 8 devices. But one thing we know is that Windows Phone 8 devices will be coming in fall or some time in Q4 for the holidays.
Source: Phonearena
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