Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Computex 2012 [Asus Republic Of Gamers] [5/6/2012]

Asus showed their ROG Matrix 7970 in their booth at Computex 2012. This graphics card is said to have a very high overclock out of the box (≥25% overclock) by AMD AIB partners, this is so that the 7970 can be compared to the GTX 680. Some exclusive features are VGA Hotwire which can read and control voltages at a hardware level (must have a motherboard which has that header such as Rampage IV Extreme), TweakIT enables hardware voltage-speed control using buttons, one-push fan override, ProbeIT is voltage fan-speed monitoring points, a 20-phase Digi+ VRM with software control using GPUTweak software, and the software itself, which comes with a massive amount of tweaking options. This card is a triple slot solution like most of the ROG cards. This card takes power from dual 8-pin connectors which is a bump up from the dual 6-pin on the reference model. 
This next image shows us the ROG Matrix 7970 on a asus motherboard. The interesting thing is not the graphics card but the motherboard the graphics card is on, the board is actually the Maximus V Extreme. This board has most of the features of the Rampage IV Extreme like probelt, sub zero senses, ockey and many more. Here is a picture of the whole board.

Source: Techpowerup and Overclock.net
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