Friday, June 15, 2012

Nokia announcement on 18/6/12 falls on the same day as Microsoft's Mystery event

Last week Microsoft released invitations to an event in Los Angeles on the 18th of June 2012. There are rumors stating that microsoft will be announcing a Windows 8 tablet of their own and there is even a rumor stating that microsoft is going to announce their acquisition of Nokia's Mobile division. One thing which clearly not going to be announced on the event is Windows 8, this is because 2 days after the event the Windows Phone summit will start. Today Nokia US posted a picture which shows the date of a unknown announcement and surprisingly the announcement falls on the same day as the mystery Microsoft event. The background of the picture is showing a screenshot of nokia maps, this might just mean that nokia maps might be intergrated to windows phone 8. This all could just be a major coincidence or not, we have to wait till the day comes to find out more. Stay tuned we will be doing live updates on the event.

Source: Theverge
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