Friday, June 22, 2012

Phone Tech Update [Ep 5]

One of The biggest news stories of this week is the Microsoft Surface tablet, to check out our post click here. But that was not just what microsoft revealed this week, a few days later they officially announced windows Phone 8 and it will be available this fall, click here to check it out. The next big news which has been circulating the web is about the Samsung Galaxy S III. The news is that a guy was driving his car with his brand new Galaxy S III and his phone was in the car dock without the charger not plugged in, all of a sudden there was a flash of white smoke, sparks and a loud bang from the phone. Then he stopped his car to examine his phone, apparently the bottom of the phone burned and melted through the case. The man then sent the phone back to samsung and he did not receive a replacement phone. His problem might happen to any Galaxy S III user. Samsung knew about the problem and said they were investigating the problem, meanwhile the man is left with nothing.
Next is motorola is introducing a new look for their ICS Razr and Razr Maxx. Overall the interface has some similarities to the original ICS. For some users the new interface might be different but after some time it should look normal. A large amount of apps and the appearance of Motoblur has also changed. This is one of the firs thing google did after acquisition of Motorola Mobility last month. They released a Promo video showing off the new features coming with the ICS update. Overall this new look looks quite promising.
A few days ago Foxconn CEO Terry Gou revealed an intention to overtake Samsung in every electronics-manufacturing can be achieved within 5 years. Foxconn recently bought stake in a sharp LCD screen plant and this partnership is hoped to give and edge over Samsung's technology. He also said that Sharp is 3 years ahead of Samsung in its 10th generation screen plant. Sharp may be focusing on IGZO technology which the japanese has developed, that technology is making debut in the display on the new iPad. Then he added that people should wait for the iPhone 5 because it will put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame. 

The 808 Pureview is coming to the US and is getting a official release date which is on 8 July. This phone will not be having any carrier subsidies because this phone is coming to the US by popular demand. You can Pre-Order one today at amazon. Nokia says that the 808 Pureview will not be limited to 2G speeds on T-Mobile. This phone will be priced at $699 and if the price is right head over to amazon to Pre-Order yours today.

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