Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Will Be Replacing Your iPhone 5 Screen In The Apple Store

Just recently we posted about the iPhone 5 teardown and iFixit said that the iPhone 5 is a device which is pretty easy to fix with the correct tools. One of the thing which iFixit found out when tearing the iPhone 5 down is the fact that the screen is now fused together with the front panel and makes it very easy to repair. Back when it was the iPhone 3G/3GS era Apple provided a service in the Apple store which they would fix your broken screen on the spot. But that service was discontinued when the iPhone 4 launched. iMore has recently got some info regarding the iPhone 5 screen replacement service. They said that Apple will fix their broken iPhone 5's display on the spot and the equipment for this procedure is reportedly starting to arrive at Apple stores near you. It is still unclear how the pricing is going to be like. 

Source: Phonearena