Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What To Expect At Apple's September 12 Event

Today is finally the day where Apple is going to announce the new iPhone and the official launch of iOS 6. Here is what we think is going to be announced at today's event. First up is the iPhone which is widely expected to show up at today's event. The iPhone will come with some new features as well as some hardware bump and a taller iPhone. Click the links below to see our iPhone 5 rumor roundups: 
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iOS 6 is confirmed to launch in today's event and after being announced at WWDC 2012 and 5 Betas have been released since then Apple is ready to officially launch iOS 6. We will be doing a full written review on iOS 6 when it is officially launched later. Other than that Apple is rumored to be unveiling the 5th gen iPod Touch later at the event. The specs of the iPod Touch 5th gen is pretty similar to the iPhone 5 and Apple is expected to bring the retina display to the iPod Touch in this generation. I also expect that Apple will release  the new iMacs and a 13" MBP with retina display quietly at their Apple store. Finally there are also some rumors stating that the preorders for the new iPhone will start on the 14th of September which is 2 days after the announcement. Stay tuned as we bring you live coverage of the event.