Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple's New Redesigned Dock Connector Will Be Called 'Lightning'

Apple is set to unveil the all new iPhone today and it is expected to come with some new accessories. First up the new iPhone is going to be the first i device to have the new redesigned dock connector and the new cable is among one of the things being bundled with the new iPhone. This dock connector is expected to be called 'Lightning', the name itself represents speed and that it what it means as the new dock connector will have support with USB 3.0 and the cost of this cable is set at $10. Secondly the all new earbuds which was leaked few weeks back is also expected to be bundled with the new iPhone.Apple is said to have named the earbuds 'earpods' and it will be on sale at the Apple store for $29. We will find out more about this later in the morning as Apple's September 12 event is starting in a few hours. 
Source: Phonearena