Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chrome For Windows, Android And Mac Updated

Chrome is by far one of the best web browsers out there now at it is in most major platforms like android, PC and Mac. Google recently updated the Chrome on all platforms including the mobile platform. In Windows Google has updated Chrome to version 22 and this bring some stability fixes and a new Mouse Lock API. The Mouse Lock API allows you to play games within your browser and not worrying about the mouse pointer going out of the browser. Google has also added some enhancements to chrome for Windows 8. Users using the MacBook Pro with Retina display also gets and update which has some improvements for the HiDPI screen on it. Chrome for android has been updated now to support the Motorola Droid Razr i which is an intel based ICS android phone. A few days back Google also rolled out and update for chrome for iOS which bring support for the iPhone 5's 4" display. 

Source: GSMArena Blog