Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motorola Droid Razr i With A 2GHz Intel Atom CPU

Last week motorola sent out invitations for a press event for today at London and the main phone which was announced at the event is the Motorola Droid Razr i. The Motorola Droid Razr i is the international version of the Verizon Droid Razr M. The most eye catching spec of this device is the 2GHz intel Atom processor which is based on the 32nm manufacturing process. Most of the specs are pretty similar to the Droid Razr M, as usual it has the 4.3" Super Amoled screen which is qHD, an 8MP rear shooter, and a 2000mAh battery. In the event Motorola did a comparison between the iPhone 5's screen vs the Motorola Drod i's screen and the result is the Razr's screen has 15% more screen per square inch than the iPhone 5. Like the popular droid razr the droid razr i comes with a kevlar backing for a more rugged experience. Motorola promised users that this phone will be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jellybean in the foreseen future. This device will launch next month at major countries like UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Here are some promo videos of this edge to edge phone: 
Source: GSMArena, GSMArena Blog, Phonearena