Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone 5 Outperforms The Galaxy S III In The Geekbench Benchmark

Yesterday a report showed that Apple's all new A6 chip is based on their own design. Now we have some benchmark scores of this new dual core chip, the iPhone 5 scored 1601 points in geekbench. The iPhone 5 scored significantly more than the Samsung Galaxy S III which scored 1560. But that is the Galaxy S III running ICS, when the S III is running jellybean it scored even better than the iPhone 5 at 1781. One thing to note is that Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note II which has an even better processor compared to the Galaxy S III and is running Jellybean which means it will score even higher in benchmarks and will leave the iPhone 5 in the corner. 
Source: Phonearena