Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Samsung's Touchwiz Android Skin Is Vulnerable To A One Click Factory Reset

Samsung is the biggest android manufacturer and Samsung Galaxy smartphones account about 60% of the total android devices. Behind every Samsung Galaxy device is an android framework with a touchwiz skin. Touchwiz is a love or hate thing and not everybody is a fan of it. Now here we have some interesting findings about touchwiz, apparently a single line of HTML code can factory reset your phone and you are going to lose all data. Ravi Borgaonkar presented a session called "dirty use of USSD codes in cellular network" at the Ekoparty Security Conference. One of the features in Touchwiz is to automatically dial a code when a certain link is tapped and that will potentially cause a factory reset of the phone. Watch the video below to see the demonstration of this:

Source: Phonearena