Monday, September 17, 2012

iPhone 5 Preorders Reached 2 MIllion In Just 24 Hours

Last week we reported that Apple's pre order for the iPhone 5 was sold out and earlier today AT&T said that the iPhone 5 pre orders were off charts now we have some official numbers. The iPhone 5 managed to get pre ordered 2 million times in the first day it went up for pre orders. This is double the amount the 4S achieved last year. Apple also said that majority of the pre orders will be shipped on September 21 and some customers have to wait till October due to the insufficient initial supply. According to Apple the big screen, iOS 6, and the new A6 processor attracted most of the customers to buy the iPhone 5. Again this week Apple is going to start selling the iPhone 5 at the Apple store on September 21st starting at 8AM and the first week sales are expected to break some old records set by the iPhone 4S. 

Source: Phonearena