Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blackberry 10 L And N Series Devices Leaked

Last week at Blackberry Jam 2012 RIM showed us some of the features of Blackberry 10. Although RIM is set to officially launch BB10 early next year it seems like the OS is already nearly complete. We have seen the BB10 Dev alpha device numerous times but till now we have not seen any of the BB10 devices. Well here is a leak of future BB10 devices, this include the L and N series of devices. The L series is a full touch based phone and is targeted towards the general consumer. The N series in the other hand looks like the current Bold 9900 without the touch buttons and it also keeps the QWERTY keyboards RIM is known for. Personally i think that blackberry is a very good looking OS but the problem now is the ever growing competition. The competition might just force RIM in to bankrupcy, who knows how will blackberry be in this time next year ? But overall the touchscreen BB10 is to my likings.
Source: Crackberry