Monday, September 3, 2012

Windows Phone Continues Growing In The World's Biggest Smartphone Market

Windows Phone 8 is set to be officially available on October 29 and Nokia is expected to unveil some Windows Phone 8 devices on the 5th of September which is on this coming wednesday. Since Nokia launched their Lumia lineup of devices Windows Phone started growing rapidly and WP is 2012's fastest growing mobile OS. Now WPDang and OpenXlive has conducted some analysis and came up with some numbers. There analysis is base on the china smartphone market, sin china is the world's biggest smartphone market we should probably know how Windows Phone is actually doing. The install base of WP devices in china were at 160K in January and in August 16 the install base went up to 1.13 million. From July to August 16 WP users in china has been growing at a rate of 9,760 people per day opposed to 4,750 people per day in the beginning of March to the end of June. That sums up to a 105% increase in growth rate and translates into a strong growth of users. From the report the three main manufacturers are Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Nokia has 4 lumia devices in china whereas HTC and Samsung only has one device. This then sums up to 75% of WP devices are from Nokia and 14% from HTC and a mere 9% is from Samsung devices. The Lumia 610 is the best selling WP device in china and accounts for 22% of the windows phone devices in china. Other Lumia handsets also have a big chunk of the WP market share and leaves only 3% for the Samsung Focus. 
Source: WMPoweruser
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