Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Razer Blade PAX 2012 Keynote Event

Razer announced their new razer blade gaming laptop yesterday at PAX 2012 at Seattle, and for the compelling performance and form factor it is a gamers dream. This laptop has the same dimensions of the previous gen razer blade but this year's version is much more powerful than ever. The new razer blade still features the anti ghosting keyboard and the switchblade UI. The switchblade UI is now updated and can support more games. One thing about this gaming laptop is the price of it and may be a deal breaker for some people, this laptop is priced at $2499. For $2000 you could get a more powerful gaming laptop from Alienware or Asus but with those laptops you can't get the ultra slim and portability the razer blade provides. One feature which i think is a deal breaker for some gamers is that the switchblade UI is it is placed at the right side, so gamers with left hands might not be quite happy. Click here to find out more about the new razer blade Here is a video of their keynote in PAX:

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