Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Says That They Are Showing Off The World's First Fully Functional Windows Phone 8 Device In Their September 5 Event

Microsoft and Nokia are having a joint press event today and they are expected to unveil a couple of Windows Phone 8 devices as well as a sneak peak of whats in store for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday  Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was interviewed by a representative from the Wall Street Journal. In this interview he talks about the Lumia phones which Nokia is going to unveil today as well as some info about the Windows Phone 8 platform. He said also noted that the WP8 devices unveiled today will show the full power and might of the Nokia R&D team. He also said:
“What you will see as we introduce our next collection of devices is not only all of the Windows Phone 8 capability that all of the manufacturers will be taking advantage of, but you’ll see some very obvious, distinct Nokia capabilities in our devices that you will not see anywhere else. Without saying too much about it on the night before, there’s clearly some exciting things coming that we’re going to be very proud to show off.”
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Source: WMPoweruser 
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