Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nokia N9 Successor Leaked

 A few months back Nokia said that they will be leaving their MeeGo team and Nokia will no longer be developing the linux based mobile OS. So soon after that the Meego team went out and made a company of their own and is now called JollaMobile. Nokia gave them some of the Meego related patents as a housewarming gift. Then the head of JollaMobile said that they will be releasing 1 meego phone by the end of this year and hopes to release two devices next year. Their goal is not to sell the most amount but to gain some love from the consumers. Now there is a leak of an N9 successor which is codenamed Lauta and was supposed to be the immediate successor to the N9. This device was supposed to be launched right after the N9 was launched. This launch was cancelled because of the Feb 11 announcement where Nokia a strategy change. So there was not much point of bringing this phone up. In an email Elop said that "only 3 meego phones in the 3 years was a huge lie. The design of the N9 successor is pretty much same as the N9 but has a physical keyboard. All of the specs are similar to the N9. To see more images of the N9 successor click here. This is truly a wasted talent as this device might have been pretty popular with the physical keyboard. I hope that some time in the future Meego and Nokia will reunite once more and nothing beats Nokia hardware not even Apple or Samsung. It is still unsure who will be manufacturing future Meego devices yet. But this phone is not wasted whatsoever because somehow this design will be used in future Lumia devices since the original Lumia 800 took the body of the N9.  
Source: MyNokiaBlog 

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