Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sony Xperia S First Ever Non Nexus Device To Get The Stock Android Experience And Will Get Updates As Fast As Nexus Devices

Last week at IFA 2012 sony unveiled the Xperia T/TX which is replacing the Xperia S by being the flagship device. Although the Xperia S is now replaced but the device is still the first Xperia device by Sony and now it is going to be the first non Nexus device to receive a pure version of android and will receive the latest versions of android the same time other Nexus devices receive it. This is part of a google experiment which they launched 2 weeks back. According to Google's technical lead of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), "the Xperia S is a very powerful GSM device which has an unlockable bootloader and is from a manufacturer which has always bee friendly to AOSP". Today Sony gave the last piece of info needed to by Google's AOSP which are all the drivers needed to run the hardware of the Xperia S. Now the AOSP team can start working on the pure android ROM for the Xperia S. So now each time a new android is launched the Xperia S can get the update the same time as the nexus devices. The first vanilla update for the Xperia S will be Android 4.1 codenamed Jellybean. Personally i think some customers who bought the Xperia S might not be happy because some of them are pretty attached to the Timscape UI and a change to the stock android might be a shock for some users. After the Jellybean update, the next update which the Xperia S will get is Keylime Pie which is expected to be announced by Google in Q1 2013.

Source: GSMArena Blog 
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