Monday, September 3, 2012

The Nokia 808 Pureview Succeeds In Replacing A Professional Cinema Camera

The Nokia 808 Pureview is by far the best camera ever embedded on a smartphone and has won numerous awards for its camera. This phone runs symbian and has a 4" display, in the back of the device there is a big hump for the 41MP sensor which is very capable of shooting videos and the sound has CD like quality. Now the 808 Pureview was put to its test by replacing a cinema camera in shooting a film. This test was conducted by Sweedish video professional Christopher Westerholm. He ended up with a 120 second video which shows perfect clarity of images and showcases the powerful image processing of the 808 pureview. He had this to say about the video:
I did a “Flat picture” profile in the phone by dialing down contrast, saturation and sharpness and underexposed some of the scenes to protect highlights. I also used a mattebox, and 4’4 polarizing, and for some of the brighter scenes a 4’4 ND filter 0.9. I later upscaled the footage in premiere pro to later crop it for 1:2.35 aspect ratio. I color-corrected quite heavily, because I think I pushed the contrast a little bit to much so it all looked very flat.
This is still a short trailer of his project and we can't wait to see the whole thing. Here's the 120 second video, make sure to watch it in 1080P to see the clarity of the pictures:
Source: GSMArena Blog 
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